Counterfeit Currency Detectors Will Save You Money

Current Counterfeiting Statistics

In 2011, over 3,000 people were arrested for counterfeiting. That is quite a jump from 2007, when only 2,000 people were arrested. In 2008 over 100 million dollars were removed from circulation. In 2001, almost 300 million dollars was removed from circulation. It is estimated over 200 million dollars of counterfeit cash is circulating at any moment. The crime of counterfeiting is on the rise.Counterfeit Detectors

North Korea alone is considered to be responsible for producing somewhere between 40 to 50 million dollars of counterfeit money every year. In 2011, law enforcement officials in Southern Florida removed between 60 to 80 thousand dollars every week from circulation. In Missouri, a total of 300 thousand dollars were removed from circulation.

Counterfeiting Countermeasures

There are different ways to spot a counterfeit bill. First, there are very fine lines that are not visible on fake money. Second, the text is micro-printed onto the bill. Third, color shifting inks are used to change the moneys’ color when tilted. Fourth, watermarks are visible when held to the light. Fifth, bills are printed with an embedded security thread. Fourth, money is printed on special paper (1/4 linen, ¾ cotton). While these techniques are useful to know, a counterfeit currency detector will save you time, money and energy.

Counterfeit Detectors Save You Money

Counterfeit currency detectors save you money, both literally and figuratively. To purchase a Counterfeit Detector easily online go to: These machines use ultra violet lighting to reveal the above mentioned security details. These UV scanners are very popular and ideal for businesses because it is impossible for employees to visually inspect every bill. In addition to this, there are also advanced, multi-functional scanners that use UV light, magnifying lenses and other scanning tools. These are very popular with banks and other financial establishments. Counterfeit detectors can save you money through screening out unwanted, fake bills while simultaneously sending out the message to potential criminals that your business is not to be trifled with.counterfeit detectors

Do not let your business be victimized by dishonest crooks and counterfeiters. These individuals will hurt your business, community and the economy as a whole. Protect your customers and business through using an appropriate counterfeit currency detectors.